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About Us


We are located in the rural town of Scituate, Rhode Island. We live on a 50-acre farm that produces feed for animals and various fruits and vegetables and of course mini pigs. We raise our mini pigs in a loving and safe home environment. Our pigs are a part of our family. Each one is greatly loved, well socialized, and family raised. Our goal is to share the joy of mini pig ownership, educate potential families while striving for the betterment of the breed not lining our pockets. Please do your research before purchasing a pig.


At the age of 19, I was gifted my first pet pig, Oinky. Although, I loved Oinky very much. I soon discovered I was ill-equipped and lacked the knowledge necessary to be a pig parent. Unfortunately, I did not do my research and he came from an irresponsible, unethical breeder. Oinky had health issues and did not stay 35-40 pounds as promised. He didn’t come with instructions regarding his care or nutritional needs. Since Oinky was born in a barn he was not socialized, litter box or harness trained. All of which was necessary to help make him a good indoor pet.  Nevertheless, he was a loved addition to my family that taught me so much about raising a pig.


About 5 years ago, I began my quest to find a smaller mini pig that would be easier to care for in my home.   After much difficulty in finding a reputable breeder with genetically small mini pigs, I decided I wanted to breed them to bring the joy of healthy, small pig ownership to others. I set out to become the kind of breeder that I would want to buy from. Someone who is ethical, reputable, that does not inbreed or starve their pigs to advertise as small.


There are far too many pigs that end up in rescues/sanctuaries or needlessly slaughtered. If you are looking to add a loving pig to your family and can accommodate one of larger size, then please ADOPT DON’T SHOP! Pigs come in all shapes and sizes and every pig deserves a loving home.  A portion of all proceeds from the sale of our mini pigs will be donated to a pig sanctuary of our choosing.


Pig ownership is a lifelong commitment, which is approximately 15-20 years. Placing each piglet in a forever home is our priority. If you are absolutely unable to keep your pig, it is expected you contact us first. We will assist you in trying to place your pig in a loving home or we will take the pig back.  Transportation will be at the owner’s responsibility and expense.


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