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Terri Ann Marie recommends This Little Piggy USA.

I would definitely recommend them if you are looking for a piggy. Stacey is very knowledgeable and is extremely helpful with any questions I have. 

Abby Sheehan recommends This Little Piggy USA.

If you are looking to add a mini pig to your family, look no further! Stacey is passionate about her pigs and truly cares for them and their wellbeing. She is easy to contact for all your questions and is super knowledgeable in the area! It"s great to know there is a full support system once your piggy comes home. We can't thank her enough!!

Shea Kulpa recommends This Little Piggy USA.

The absolute best!!  After hours of talking and researching we came across Stacey of This Little Piggy USA. From the beginning she was eager to answer all questions and made the process seamless. We were able to meet with our piggy and even meet his parents before taking him home which was so important to us! Stacey is filled with endless knowledge and truly loves her pigs! It is making the transition so much easier knowing that Stacey is always here if we have any issues or questions! If you are looking for a mini pig look no further!

Regina Hall recommends This Little Piggy USA.

We got our Petey boy from Stacey this past November and couldn't have been happier with the experience. She cares so much about these piggies that she offers so much guidance and support to make sure they end up in a happy home. We love our boy so much and are so happy he came to his forever home! Thank you Stacey!

Michelle Kushner recommends This Little Piggy USA.

My kids decided to get me a mini pig for Christmas! They did a lot of research and Stacey was by far the best place to pick a personalized pet pig! Our piggy was 6 weeks old and is perfectly house trained! Every time we take her out she goes to the bathroom like clockwork! Who new a mini pig could be house trained? She's adorable! We've only had her going on our 3rd day but we love her already! She's better behaved than my mom's dogs! Lol

Mike Mosley recommends This Little Piggy USA.

This has been a great experience over all. I love the fact that any question I have is just a text or call away!!! 100% great for the newest member of our family!!!

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