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Meet our Piggy Parents

Bentley James

                       DOB:10-17-15  - Height: 11.75" - Length: 19"

Bentley is a handsome little porker. He is definitely a hit with the ladies. He has a sweet and gentle disposition. Bentley loves to be held and snuggled. He prefers to be picked up and carried outside 

everyday.He is known to cannon ball into the pool without warning.


                       DOB:10-17-16  - Height: 12" - Length: 18"


Liam is a cute friendly little guy. He won't come out of his pen every morning until he gives us a proper hello. He enjoys basking in the sun and exploring the great outdoors. His favorite toy is the bob-a -lot. 



                       DOB: 3-23-16  - Height: 12" - Length: 18.5"


Hammy a.k.a "the chunky skunk," is an adorable little oinker. He always listens even when he doesn't want to. He thoroughly enjoys wiping his wet snout on you and using you for a scratching post. His favorite pastime is going  through your stuff like a nosy neighbor. 


Lola Grace

                       DOB: 3-3-16  - Height: 13" - Length: 21"


Lola is very friendly and loving. She has an oink for everything she does. She cannot resist belly rubs. If there is something going on Lola is there, as she is extremely nosy. Lola is always camera ready!


Truffles Magnolia

                       DOB: 12-9-15  - Height: 14" - Length: 20"


Truffles is a sweetheart. She is a very smart girl. Snuggling is her passion. She never misses the opportunity to socialize or sit pretty for snacks. She loves to secretly munch on Mom's hosta plants.

Penny Lane

                       DOB: 4-22-16  - Height: 12" - Length: 19"


Penny is a very pretty piggy. Sometimes shy unless you have snacks or belly rubs to offer. She's always down for those. She likes to spend her days sun bathing. Her daily hobbies are rearranging her space and stalking her crush Hamilton.   

Coco Mae

                       DOB: 10-15-16  - Height: 15" - Length: 21"


Coco is a gentle, kind soul.  She loves to graze outside and follow us around. Coco's  favorite food is watermelon., but there isn't much she doesn't like except for posing for the camera.

Khloe Lynn

                       DOB: 3-3-16  - Height: 12" - Length: 19"


Khloe is a great pet piggy. She prefers to be inside with the comforts of home.  You can always find her snuggled up with her sister, Lola. Khloe will quickly flop over for a belly rubbings.

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