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 Pigs are incredibly smart and loving and can make wonderful pets when properly trained. Here at This Little Piggy USA, we will start the training process for each piglet. It is up to you to continue this process at home.  We are committed to litter box and harness training our piglets. Our piglets are raised in our home with children and other animals. They are well socialized and exposed to the daily activity of a family. We do not bottle feed our piglets. However, we will syringe or pan feed if medically necessary. Piglets will not leave until they are weaned and eating solid food independently at approximately 6-8 weeks old. Each piglet will leave here receiving their 1st and 2nd dose of dewormer, iron shot, veterinary health exam, and litter box trained. Please see the adoption policy page for specifics on spay and neutering contract. We are able to ship within the United States. We do not ship internationally, as the health and safety of our piglets is our priority. Shipping is an additional fee paid by the buyer.  


This little Piggy does not guarantee height, weight or length of pigs at maturity, as genetics alone do not determine these factors. Diet and exercise play a major role in the development and mature size of mini pigs. Once a piglet leaves our care, it is impossible for us to regulate these determining factors. Therefore, we are unable to guarantee size at maturity. However, if you follow the recommended nutrition and exercise guidelines provided upon purchase of your piglet will be genetically small.


All sales, adoption and deposit transactions must be made through our website via PayPal after your adoption application is approved by This Little Piggy USA. Pig ownership is a lifelong commitment, which is approximately 15-20 years. Placing each piglet in a forever home is our priority. If you are absolutely unable to keep your pig, please contact us first. We will assist you in trying to place your pig in a loving home or we will take the pig back.  Transportation will be the owner’s responsibility and expense.


If needed, shipping is an additional fee. We are able to ship within the United States. We do not ship piglets internationally, as the health of our piggies is our top priority. Shipping includes a health certificate, new blanket for comfort, and an airline approved travel crate. This Little Piggy USA is responsible for making all travel arrangements. The purchaser will be consulted then notified of shipping arrangements once arranged. The airline imposes weather and age restrictions, when shipping piglets, for the safety of the animal. 




-Mini pigs are the product of selective breeding over many generations in order to achieve a smaller pig, which can make a fantastic indoor pet. 


-Pigs are naturally very clean animals.  They are very easy to litter box train or to house break. They can be trained to walk on a harness or to use a pet door.


-Pigs do not have sweat glands so they have very little odor and are unable to cool themselves. They must always have access to fresh drinking water. 


- The average life span of a mini pig is 15-20 years. Therefore, the decision to adopt a mini pig should not be taken lightly. All pigs deserve a forever home. 


- Pigs are hypoallergenic, as they grow hair not fur. Some pigs will shed (blow) their coat once a year. This is typically at the start of summer.


-Pigs rank fourth in intelligence alongside humans, primates, dolphins, then pigs. 


-The majority of mini pigs have a much thicker coat, little to no pot belly and/or sway back. They come in every color and pattern possible in swine.


- Mini pigs are considered mature at 5 years old. Although, they do most of their growing within the first year with some filling out from 3-5 years. 


-A mature pig will have a long tail tassel. Beware of a breeder that presents an immature parent pig, as full grown, in order to dupe the buyer into believing their piglet will be as small as its tiny parents. 


-Teacup, nano, pocket, dandie, micro, and pixie are marketing terms. No pig will stay the size of a newborn piglet. Pigs, like people, come in a variety of sizes. This Little Piggy USA only breeds from healthy, mature, breeding stock over the age of two years old.


-Pigs have the intelligence of a 2-3-year-old child. They form loving bonds with their family members and are deserving of a forever home. However, we understand that extenuating circumstances may prevent you from keeping your pig. Should this occur, please refer to the adoption policy agreement on the application page. 





Q. Where are you located? 


A. We are located in the beautiful rural town of Scituate, Rhode Island. 



Q. Do you offer to ship and/or pick up of piglet?


A. We offer both local pick up and shipping nationwide. We do not offer international shipping. Please see above information section for shipping details. 



Q. How big will my piggy get?


A. Our breeding stock has been hand-selected to produce healthy genetically small mini pigs. We only breed mature, petite mini pigs. The estimated mature size of our piglets is based on the breeding parents and previous litter size. This Little Piggy USA cannot guarantee the size of your mini pig due to many factors out of our control such as; healthy diet, level of exercise, and lifestyle.



Q. What is included with the purchase of a piggy?


A. Your piggy will arrive with a completed veterinary exam including a health certificate, iron shot administered, de-wormed, litter box trained, lifetime support from us and an airline approved crate, if shipped.  Spay/neuter services and micro-chipping are available upon request for an additional fee.



Q. How do I buy a piglet from you? 


A. An adoption request application must be submitted in order to be considered for purchasing a pig/piglet. Once your application is received, we will contact you via email to schedule a time to discuss if owning a mini pig is right for you. All transactions will be conducted through our website. utilizing PayPal services. Once an application is approved, a non- refundable deposit may be made to secure your piggy, if available. If a selected piglet is unavailable, another piglet may be chosen. Please see adoption and sales agreement page for specific details.



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